its me --> dont ask for help

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera
 hye stalkers.

pada hari rabu lepas [ 30/4/2012] such a hectic day
i got a problem

i have a team, team travelog.. we are like a big family now.

what i want to say is.

sepanjang hari rabu tu.. dan di sepanjang proses penyelesaian masalah yang aku hadapi, 

i meet like 3 to 4 member of team travelog

what i want to say

even mereka di hadapan mata.. but still i can not stop and ask them for their help
 its not like i dont have anyone to help me go through the problems with me

i have! at that day! 3 to 4 people i meet.. but

it seems like i rather solve it by my own.
sorry guys.. cannot help it.. my nature 

peace yo.. i know all of you is such a wonderful person.
 i likely to burden myself with problem rather ask for your help

have a nice day

solve problems with your wise not your emo

peace yo love you all

pohonmas 12:16pm 2mei2014
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