when my dad start to talk.. love it

segala puji bagi Allah yang mengurniakan seorang ayah yang penyayang! sporting! penyabar! dll!

i love my dad so much.. although he..

i love when he start to talk about some issues..
for an example today, while driving, my dad sit besides me and ask me..

"macam mana ika punya STPM, ok?"
"ermm.. boleh la.."
"kenapa ada perkataan 'la' kat belakang tu..?"

than, he start to talk about study, life and so on..
im not hate it but ya im bore with it.. but somehow., the way he talks make me always stick, to listen to him.. always want to listen.. maybe because i miss him .. hehehee

ya! i love him

he is patient
my brother and me, stubborn, always not shutdown our lappy when we totally not use it.. both lappy! and he always, remind us to do it (shut it down).. than one day he wrote this and stick it on my notice board

starting from that day (the day this note been stick) my brother and me, especially, will remember to shutdown our lappy.. and especially when our dad are around.. hehehee

when syuhaidah ask for air milo and no one want to do it. than he the one do it.. hehehe

he is sporting
football come! my dad always brings my brother to kedai mamak to watch bola sepak.. at the middle of night.. ~jeolous~
always make someting unpredictable in public such as when he sleepy than he screams! suddenly! hahaha

i love my dad

jumaat/15 jun 2012/11.19pm
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