bila saya marah saya diam .. jangan nak kerek sangat la.

bila saya marah saya diam..

sekarang nie saya tak marah tapi kalau teringat jer macam sekarang nie.. memang agak marah dan rasa macam benggang jugak lah

dont be hypocrite.. im just got my score for my latest exam.. and the score just like usuall.. upset to any mom and dad..

its not what i concern now!

to someone! dont come to my sit than ask me what i got for any my paper.. true it is i dont care if you want to ask and i really dont mind to tell you BUT dont you ever ever make the expression or act like your mark are lower than mine!

dont ever ever use this word..

"gila terror ko punya result"
"pergghhh tinggi siot markah ko"
"ko kata tak baca buku., tapi markah tinggi gak"

im know that im not cleaver as you.. but please dont make me want to give a punch at your face. TQ

khamis/14 Jun 2011/10 pm

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