isnin and jumaat mesti aku geramm lah!

As Salam..  jumaat / 14 okt 2011

today i want to talk about gerammmm... iskh iskh iskh.. each time come to monday and friday., its always make me so furious.. so tension.. (@_@) it is because of my 'duty'.. i'm not mad with those student that always make noise and super active talking each time.. but i am so mad to my others 'geng'.. not my close geng but 'others geng'.. seems like they dont know how to act or do their job..  it  make me shame with the 'upper' one..  'coz it really make us looks like..

"hei! what they are doing?"
"dont they have to make those noisy student stop?"
"why they are not checking us like we do?"

hei hei hei.. each time something like that cross in my mind.. i am always ask myselves..

"did they know how to do their job?"
"did they have any experience to be prefect? or something like that?"

hei hei hei.. i am know that i m also not so good doing my job.. but, hello, at least i'm trying! and i'm forward to fx it..  action? ahh.. aku dah malas nak ambil tahu.. kalau aku bagi tahu pada AJK karang.. nanti dalam meeting benda yang sama jugak diketengahkan..

to all my friends at the school today.. if i have show my 'happy' face to you today or the day before and before.. so please forgive me.. especially my classmates..

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