The Real King..

As Salam..

the labels for this time post are 'naruto' and 'teruja'...

when i was watching the Naruto series.. what i have realizes it is.. they, the characters, always said something about "The Wild of Fire" ..
its hard to explain it at here.. those who are watching for the series surely understand it is..


relate to it.., they also mention about the King.. the real king...
those who are not thinking about it.. they are easily said that the king is the Hokage..
first in place.. i am also think it like that.. the king is the Hokage..

but when one of the characters said its not.. i started to make my eyes on it..

back then.. finally i know it..

just like that characters said : "one day you will understand it by yourself"

after i watch the series.. what can i said it is..or what can i understand about the real king it is...
the real king is not the Hokage or the Feudal Lord but the true king it is someone that we want to protect!
and focus to this series.. it is the child, which is one day will inherit everything what we have now..

it so complex right? no one easily can see who are the real king it is..

the child! because one day they are the persons that will replace all the position in the country..
so to keep the country in peace just like we have today..
 we have to protect and teach them with a good lessons and way...

it is something so ironic to me..
do you?

The King..

p/s .::. i hate to call your name because each time you make me to think about him..

khamis / 14 Julai 2011 / 12:40 am

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