Hoping The Day After Tournament..

As Salam...

one of new teacher have make me realizes about something..
the important of the schedule ..

yes! its very important when you talk about someone which is have a 'chaos' life..
just like me.. hehhehe (^_^) not shame to admit it..

for right now.. what i really want to do is study hard and smart!
but, right now, i have a goal to reach.. i want to win the petanque tournament..
which is held on this saturday ( 16 Julai 2011 )

i hope i win it but i also hope everything is over after that
because i want to go on with my new schedule ..

it can happen when i really have a free time after the school hour...

i want to study! the hard one! but

can i really do it..?
with all the entertainment 24 hours around me..?

heheh... i don't think so...
and once again.. why we can't brings the MP3 player to the school ...??
( i also don't know why i am writing this question..)
it just a song right?

and now.. i really hope that i not at here right now..
i hope i am someway and can hear MP3 freely..

the day after tournament.. i am waiting for you.. (^_^)

p/s .::. i really hope that i can prove it to you

rabu / 13 Julai 2011 / 11:45 pm
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