Black and White

As Salam..

(its hard to explain why i am given the title like this.. think it by yourselves ... heheee.. oh yeah..)

interview for MPPU..

wah.. hard to say..
its not going well for me.. totally out of myself today..
the question given to me is hard to answer.. maybe because i am still not prepare so well


i am not good .. (*_*)

all the MPPU member make me nervous.. but not 'her' .. i like her.. don't know why..
but deep in my heart i think i have disappointed her.. i don't know why i can feel like that because both of us never know each other and never talk together..

hehehehee... its ok..

i am not hopping anything for this.. after the interview.. i am asking myself

why i am asking for the position?
i am not suitable enough for the title..

iskh! so furious

ahh..! i don't care.. besides that.. my interest in it has slowly down..
i hate to see those face.. especially the one that always asking me the question..

i hope i did not get it.. because i have realize what is my point when i go to there..

to xue yin :: it seems like you can't vote for me because my name will not be in the list..

p/s .::. tidak suka melihat wajah kemenangan pesaing aku...

rabu / 13 Julai 2011 / 10:24 pm

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