1 Malaysia's NoteBook..

As Salam...

got it..!!

i already got it.. so, to farah and fir.. hhahaha... i don't know how to say it.. but both of you know what i want to say right..? (^_^)

so funny when i am remembered that.. hehehee

so all the SOU member already got one each except for dewi..
but, her sister also got it.., so consider that, dewi also have it..

this year or this time the student in my school got the CSL brand..,
there is two color which is black and white..

everyone hope that they can get the white color ... because it seem more cute and beautiful.. those who in the last line and which is want the white one are so lucky because at the end of the day., only the white one are left..

thank GOD for His gift,

from 945 am till 1230 pm we are in the hall.. its take a time to get it...
and i, the lower six students, are the last person or group that have to wait..

everyone are so excited to get it.. especially those who are never touch or have the laptop ..
one of my classmate is one of them... she make me to teach her everything i know..

i really hope that i can teach her everything...

but... the sad things it is..

when i reach at my home.. my brother start to ask me to remove the password that i make in the notebook..
and when i refused it.. he started to be the 'unkind' person..

and he also ask me to remove the password that i also make in our DELL laptop..

i have my own good reasons why i putted the password in both of the laptop ..
THE really good reasons!

i cannot tell it at here...


and in one night.. a already make the cover of the notebook full with the butterfly...
hahhaha.. it seem nice to me.. (^_^)

two of my brother.. they make me headaches..
i don't want to use it.. so just accept it, can?

my elder sad to my second brother.. that he can use DELL because i already got CSL..
that time i really hate both.. hehehhe.. (the greedy side of me are shown here) obviously!

just like this..

p/s .::. by hook or by crook.. i don't care..

rabu / 13 Julai 2011 / 11:23 pm

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