My SPM Result..

As Salam..

last 23rd March 2011.. i got my SPM result.. naa..suit with me..
i just got a good-bad result..
those below are my result..

BM (A+) BI (A) MM (A-) PI (A-) SJ (B+) BIO (C+) PHY (C) ADM (C) CHE (D)

just so so..

not so bad and not so good..

my future study still dark.. i cant see anything..
i have apply my UPU.. so i just wait and see..
Insya Allah..

on 30 march 2011.. my friend and i went to Kuala Lumpur.. to Maktab Polis DiRaja Malaysia..
there is collaboration between police with UITM in one program..
my friends, farah arrived first than me because she skip her job..

hope with that collaboration, farah and i can enter the same university ... i hope that..
hahhaha.. but my wish is "i hope all SOU member can enter the same university"

insya Allah..

p/s :: working at Sakan right now..
isnin / 4 april 2011 / 4:30 pm 

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