Dream High..

As Salam..

Dream High!
to Firdiana Maarif.. wajib tonton ye.. and i will tonton secret garden..hoho

for the hundred times ..this is one of korean drama i love most..

list of main characters..

kim so hyun as song sam dong

suzy Miss A as go hye mi

taecyon 2PM as jin guk

wooyoung 2PM as jason

IU as pil suk

eunjung T-Ara as baek hee

kim so hyun a.k.a song sam dong is the most cutest .. hahahha.. my third husband heheheh..
he so cute!!!!!

love all the actors in it..
also love the plot..

i think this is one of drama that u all have to watch..

aigoo.. so hard to say but it so greet to me..

also cannot forget the face of soo hyun la... hahahhaa he so cute in this drama

i have collected all the song in this drama.. each of it.. and i love it all..

its about..
dancing! singing! love! determination! popularity! achievement! hard works! friends! betrayed!

must watch!!!

but the most i love is ... hye mi (suzy) finally love sam dong (soo hyun)... so cute..

p/s .::. wajib tonton

khamis / 28 april 2011 / 4:04 am
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