older than me..

As Salam..

older than me..thats the title..
ya.. i love that..
i love to know and make a friendship with someone which is older than me..
because they are mature than me and they have a lot of experience in their life..
and to me..it is something so interesting to hear and study about..hahahaa..

i have about 3 person..or friends that i think i can ask for their advise..
and each of them really have different way in their life..
so interesting to me when they start to story about their life..
sometimes i can know something that i really cannot be imagine before..

one of my friends.. i call him with 'apis'
he is older 7 years than me.. i think he is about 25 right now..
he promise to me to help me in my Fasa 2 of UPU..
he have a friend expert in human resources ..

(naaaa.. i dont know how it can help me in my course selection for UPU..hahahaa)

another person is Kak Sya.. the assistant manager in Sakan.. a place i am working right now..
she tough me about something like 'dont create the experience but let the experience create for themselves'
did u understand it?
sure u are..

the third person is sis Bainie. i never call her with 'sis'
nevermind la..hahahha
she always story to us about the excitements, and the enjoyment when she further her study..
met the people that u think never exist in a world ..skip the classes..
shopping around until late. do the research and much more..

yyaaa.. i love a mature person!! 

p/s .::. cik apis!! i dont want to date with u la..

ahad / 20 march 2011 / 4:02 am

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