when i want to add something in my blog..

As Salam..,
this things always make me so upset u know..

ok! komp di umah aq nie tdk la begitu canggih.., senang kata, komp kat umah aq nie komp zaman atuk la..
tp dh kira bersyukur la..

but, ape yg wt aq slalu jd x best nyer adalah..
aq nie org yg suka tau pasal benda mcm blog, FB, twitter, my space or something like that laa..
but unfortunately.., my comp does not supported me for that.., its to old
actually.., at the beginning, my old comp is full with all the things i need..,
but, after my dad 'wash' this comp.., all programs in this comp is gone..

yeh! thats why! i really hate it..
and now.., for the example.., when i want to download Windows Live Writer for my blog.., 
i just cant do it bcoz it have to use Window 7 or Vesta (if i dont mistaken)..

i so upset u know..ahh!!
so i have to postpone it..(download WLW)

p/s .::. pesanan kpd aq (author) klu dh dpt download WLW .., and still berhajat nak buat pop up windows utk link sila click sini (utk baca persoalan yg dikemukan kpd neo tntg poip up window utk link) dan click sini utk baca apa itu WLW..., atau click sini utk download WLW

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