not the one..

As Salam...

sblom nbila story2 baik aq story2 dulu dgn korg..heheh

this accident and the story begin when F5 n F3 students held our solat hajat perdana at school..
(actually.., i do not perforrn it because of uzur syarie..)

when i'm sitted at behind and watched the other muslim performed their prayers.., i saw@meet ulya's mother.
(i will not mention that guy name)

and when nabila and i wants to go home.., 
my mouth with sligtly say just like this
"Billa, td aq jumpa mak mertua aq."
do not know why.. my mouth is just like crazy!! how can i said something like that??
its so awful!! n disgusting things!

n for the result.., of cause nabila is just like the crazy person!
she becomes over excited just like firdiana when she got a chocolate..

nevermind la..i dont care about that! it doesnt means to me.. because of that i wrote this..
dont know why..,but i think i know that he is not the one..

so! please la.., dont make a funny statement about this story.. such as: "ada jodoh la tu.." "hah ika! kantoi dah.."

p/s .::. please laa! ( feels like a stupid when i write this story.., dont know why i wrote this.., maybe i am so bored because i dont have any job to do and other story to wrote..)
isnin / 8:45 pm / 4 okt 2010
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