its funny when someone called me 'nur'

As Salam..

hari ni masa aq ber FB.., aq comment kawan aq punya status..,
and than someone with the name 'slay'.., he called me with the name 'nur'..
it so funny u know..hahha
if u want to see it or to read it.., click here
there is no one ever called me with that name... its so klise..
my lips does not want to stop from smile..
(until now..)

and than i just write my status with this issue..
and one of my FB friends comments it..
if you want to read our chat.., you can click here..
it is an interesting chat to me.. i dont know for u how..

p/s .::. aq lupa la mana aq simpan duit blnja minggu nie..heheh.., kjp lg nk g bongkar satu bilik cari duit tu..

isnin / 3:42 pm / 4 okt 2010
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